Colin Philips Award


Harry Browning

He is amazing. He is always cheerful and supporting others. Even when he is not feeling well he still finds ways to make you feel special.

He is always happy and wants to talk to everyone. He is definitely an integral part of the social side of athletics.

Fantastic person, very welcoming, always in a good mood, optimistic…

Very dedicated and welcoming Events improved so much and we had such a great time.

“Made everyone feel welcome” seems to be an appropriate answer. Plus he has a cute smile, so yeah, Harry.

He always keeps everything well organised and is always bringing positive energy to the group, although he likes seating on the floor quite a bit 😉 But yeah he definitely deserves the membership award!

Runners up

Jonathan Burton

As captain, he includes everyone, and form what I have seen (and experienced) he makes everyone feel like an important member of the team. Besides captaincy he is a guy you can get on with and have a laugh. Big it up for JB!

JB tirelessly organises and cajoles the distance squad into competing. Despite moans and groans and apparent apathy for competition, competing for King’s at LCL cross countries is always a lot of fun. JB is an excellent motivator and has made being new to the club a great experience.

A tireless champion of running in all its forms. Easy to get on with – simply the best.

Always supporting during training even when he’s not running. Always at races and really supportive. Plus snapchats are on point and he lets me abuse a snapchat cut out of him where his expression is one of omniscience and heavenly serenity.

Louise Pech

Love Louise! Always in good spirits even when things aren’t going her way, very motivational, always barking at us on the field group chat it’s actually really nice. We actually depend on her for quite a bit I think and she doesn’t really complain. Une vraie etoile <3

Since joining in September I have on countless occasions seen Louise’s dedication to the club. From running around at competitions encouraging everyone in their events to making sure everyone i giving their all in training. I believe Louise is a great asset to the club and definitely deserves the award and I can’t see the club without her.

Though she may act tough on the outside, she may actually be a gentle butterfly on the inside. As a leader she looks out for others and is a real team player. She is a strong hearted young lady who will do well in the years to come.

Louise is such a sweet person who made us newbies feel very welcome to the team right from the beginning at the taster day. She always seems to be really bubbly and those vibes rub off onto you, giving you some kind of motivation to train on days you really don’t want to.

James Findon

James has made me feel super welcome at the club. He’s has a great president and you can see that he has a great passion for athletics. I think he deserves recognition.

James is a genuine nice guy who always tries to get everyone involved and as his role as president, he goes above and beyond what he’s expected to do for the club. Although he forgot the Girl’s relay team off the BUCS Indoors registration list (yes James, do you still feel guilty?), I understood it was a genuine mistake and he gave us each a hilarious personal apology, so he’s very much forgiven.

I think James has been a integral part of the club who has contributed a lot not only to King’s Athletics but also bringing up London Athletics. Personally he has helped me get through my injuries and has offered huge support linking me with the physios and strength coaches which honestly is one of the main reasons I have been able to compete after 3 years.

Ex Sprints Captain, Double President, Demigod, that-London-Athletics-guy-who-keeps-emailing-me; he goes by many names. James has changed the face of University athletics in one of the best cities on Earth. Let that sink in. One man (with a bit of help from a solid team), has improved the lives of hundreds of students over the past 2 years and many thousands more to come as this legacy lives on. The level of commitment and determination has been nothing short of amazing. New members may not know him as well, but will no doubt feel the effects of his achievements. James deserves every accolade, not least the Colin Philips Superstar Award.

Dan Richards

When you’re used to a group of people, you would stick to that group and not want to branch out and meet new people. I joined the club without knowing anyone as many of the freshers do, but Dan would go out of his way to get to know the newbies and make them feel welcomed to the club. With his experience in Athletics, he’s been very willing to give advice on technical drills and ways to avoid injuries.
His young boy exterior is hides that fact that he is a man who has accomplished many things in his life. A friendly, and well educated individual who will pull through when you need him most.
Will be very sad to see him leave the club at the end of the year. Absolutely stellar gentleman and top athlete.

Chloe Hocking

She’s bants
She is one of the most committed members of the club. She is not the most outgoing and won’t be going around everyone to cheer them up, but always there and talks to everyone personally. She is also motivational from the hard work she puts into every session. So please never stop because the club would not be the same without you !

Henry DiStasio

When considering the heady blend of amiability and sporting prowess that defines this club, there is one man who seems to embody both facets. This is a man who combines a Hill-esque sense of humour, impish and madcap, with impressive race performances. I speak, of course, of our very own Henry Distasio. Henry has achieved his iconic status within our ranks in part because of his idiosyncratic approach to attendance. Whilst his training record suggests that he may very well believe that the club track is still to be found in Battersea, he has been unflagging in his appearances at Bootcamp, often leading the pack with a smile on his lips and a song in his heart, an inspiration to all. Of particular note is Henry’s continued commitment to the club during the long spell of injury from which he has only recently recovered. Whilst those of a more fickle disposition would likely fade from view in such circumstances, Henry’s love for the club and its members seemed almost redoubled during his convalesce. This is a man who was forbidden from running until earlier this month, yet he still sacrificed a weekend of rest to cheer the rest of us on in Sheffield, going so far as to join our weary band on a gruelling four-hour trip back to London and keeping our spirits up by mercilessly taking the piss out of Matt. At Hyde Park Relays, he was there; at Varsity, he was there. On top of this, Henry has continued to leverage his position as the leading student pundit of his day to the benefit of the club, promoting our victories and, in a moment of virtuoso investigative journalism, finally uncovering the evocative secret behind Dan Tang’s Damascene conversion to the distance cause. In short, even in his absence from the track, Henry has been a substantial and sustaining presence within the club, a man whose carefree charm has won him many friends amongst its members, and without whom our runs and races would be a great deal more monochromatic.

Amy Mat

I’ve nominated her because she is truly a kind person. In a short time we’ve bonded quite well and stand by each other. Aside from myself, I’ve watched her interact with others just as she has with me, never giving a cold shoulder.

Matthew Fraires

Always dedicated to training, endeavours to do better every time, not just during races but training as well. Constantly pushing himself to perform in such and admirable manner. Also, one of the friendliest and kindest individuals to join the club. Has been an exceptional addition to the club this year, dedicating his efforts towards it both competitively and socially. A real shame he will be leaving us at the end of the year.

Max Artz-Jones

He’s looked out for me in and out of the club.