Welcome to the Field Squad!

Hey guys, I’m glad you’re interested in our field squad! You’ll find all the information you need to come join us right below, but do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything else. I’m starting my third year at King’s and I promise you, I don’t think I would have been able to make it this far without everyone at athletics! I have been doing athletics since middle school, but it takes a different turn at university, it’s a team led by students and a lot more reactive to what we all want to make it. This means the club can be whatever you want to make it look like. You’ll see below that we have all level athletes, of all ages, and with different reasons for being with us. I’m sure you’ll find what suits you. Enjoy the read through our website, and I’m looking forward to meeting you at the track!

Louise Pech

Field Captain 2016-18

Train with us

The field squad of King’s Athletics is a new, yet fast developing group. Last year was a first year as a proper squad and we got some astonishing improvements and results. We are a group of motivated people with a range of different skills, going from first-timers to finalists in the British Universities and Colleges Nationals. We are able to cater for all levels and all passions.

We train twice a week at the great Southwark Track in Southwark Park. It’s a 10min walk from Canada Water station on the Jubilee line, which makes it really easily accessible. Our training Schedule is as follows

Tuesday: 7-8:30pm
Thursday 7-8:30pm

The club is active for more than two days a week don’t worry!




Byron is our jumps coach. He brings energy and passion to every single session, which makes you commit 100% into all the drills, and jumps that you do.


Training Sessions

High Jump



Long Jump

Triple Jump


Competition Schedule

Our year is split between the indoor and outdoor season.

In our indoor season we take part in the London Universities and Colleges Athletics (LUCA) competition. This is on the DATE. All London universities come and compete for a day. This has been happening for some years now and it is always a great day to break all our personal bests competing against some of the best athletes in London. Yet also perfect for new comers who want to experience competition for the first time, as you will not be alone in that situation.

Our outdoor season begins as early as March with the first of the Outdoors Luca Series. Here there are three competitions set out, and points are allocated each meet to get a final winner of the overall series

These are our set dates for the year. However as the year goes through you will also have the opportunity to join some open competitions. The dates of these are not set yet, but this year people were able to take part in a competition about once a month.

Indoor Competitions

  • LUCA Indoor Champs (25th November 2017)
  • BUCS Indoors (16th-18th February 2017)

Outdoor Competitions

  • Varsity
  • LUCA Outdoors St Marys (18th March)
  • LUCA Outdoors Newham (9th April)
  • BUCS Outdoors (4-6th May)
  • LUCA Final Battersea (27th May)