A Truly International Club

Coming to King’s as an international student can be a daunting experience. You have lots of questions on your mind. Where am I going to make friends? How best can I explore the city? Will I get to see the rest of the UK? At Kings AXC we provide a welcoming atmosphere for international students to make friends, explore the city and see the country.

See here for our international students members FAQ.

Here’s some of their testimonials.

Luke Jones

  • Home country: Australia

  • Course: postgraduate study abroad

  • Year joined: 2015/16

I first heard about Kings Athletics when I was initially submitting my application for Study Abroad. There was a question which asked how you will get involved in University life. I looked on the website and found Kings Athletics and decided that I would sign up as I had never been part of a running club before, having previously competed only in team sports. As I am the slowest person on the planet over distances less than a few kms I decided the distance squad would be the best fit for me.

After participating in the first few sessions I was impressed with the range of abilities the club caters for, from complete beginners, to people curing Friday night hangovers at the Saturday morning hills session, to elite athletes racing for GB (I was somewhere in the middle). The team has a very inclusive and supportive culture with regular races around some of the best parks in London, followed followed by a team social afterwards.

A personal highlight for me was the trip to Gloucester for BUCS XC. Not only did I get to race against some of the best runners in Britain (they beat me convincingly) but got the opportunity to socialise with the team afterwards and had the most scenic Sunday run in a long time through, tiny hamlets outside of Gloucester.

Since joining the club I have improved my running significantly, having taken 5 minutes off my 10km PB from 40:18 to 35:16 and am well on the way to completing my first marathon in Hamburg in April.

Cedric Hauben

  • Home Country: Belgium

  • Course: LLM International Financial Law

  • Age: 24

  • Year Joined: 2015/16

Having been a competition athlete for many years, I surely didn’t want to drop out of my favorite pastime while studying at King’s. Joining Kings Athletics has therefore been one of the best moves I’ve made after moving in. It provides great accommodation for runners from every level, so literally everybody is welcome to join. Also, the coaches are a huge help, while respecting everyone’s own level of commitment. It’s been a delight to find out how supportive the atmosphere can be in a University sports team. Most of all I’m thankful for all the great people I’ve met through this club and the wonderful experiences we’ve had together.

Fav moment of being in the club: Gloucester weekend, racing for KCL with the group in the BUCS XC Championship