Club Records Terms


  • All records must be officially recorded, and appear on Power of 10 (Po10).
    • With the exception of Varsity results, which do not appear on Po10.
    • Track times must be electronically recorded.
  • Years are measured in correlation to the academic cycle. For example, 2015/16 records were performed between September 1 2015 - August 31 2016.
  • Parkrun records can take place at any official parkrun course.
  • If conditionality is contested, the final decision to ratify the record lies with the serving discipline captain alongside the committee.

Performance Athletes:

  • Performance times are performed by any athlete registered under King’s Sports Performance programme.
  • These times can be performed at any event, wearing any vest.
  • If an athlete loses their performance status, but is a member of King’s Athletics club, any results they perform after losing their status will be eligible for a non-performance record.
  • Performance athletes will only have their speciality event listed in the records.

Non-Performance Athlete:

  • Non-performance records may be performed by any fully-paid registered member of King’s Athletics club.
    • Performances achieved before membership is purchased are not eligible.
  • At official King’s Athletics meets, you must be wearing the club vest in order for your result to be valid.
    • For road races you have to run in the club vest.
      • If you are running for a charity, you can wear the charity colours, but your club affiliation must be registered with King’s Athletics on your race entry.
    • For parkrun, any colours are valid, but records will only be accepted if you have listed your affiliation with King’s Athletics on your Parkrun profile.
    • At non-official King’s Athletics meets (open meets), you must be wearing your club vest. Failing that, you must be running representing your registered club, King’s Athletics.
  • If a record is matched, the older one stands as the All Time Best.