Welcome to the Sprints & Hurdles Squad!

Hello and welcome to the Sprints & Hurdles squad page! If you’re on this page hopefully you’re already a member or are thinking of joining the squad. If you’re thinking of joining the squad, why not come to one of our training sessions? We cater for all athletes from very beginner to top level athletes. Joining Kings athletics was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made whilst being at university, it has and continues to enrich my life in more ways than one. It’s a place where I’ve made friends for life, made unforgettable memories and has single handedly re-kindled my passion for athletics. Whether you want to train to get fit, meet new people or compete (or all the above!) there’s definitely a place for you!

I can’t wait to meet you guys & I’m very excited for the year ahead –
Your Sprints Captain,

Chloe Hocking

Sprints Captain 2017-18

Train with us

We train twice a week at the great Southwark Track in Southwark Park. It’s a 10min walk from Canada Water station on the Jubilee line, which makes it really easily accessible. Our training Schedule is as follows

Tuesday: 7-8:30pm
Thursday 7-8:30pm

From September to February is our winter training block which focusses on building up the fitness and strength of our athletes. The winter training block is easily the hardest training block but produces the most results and equips you with the necessary conditioning for warm weather training and competitions. Then onwards we enter our summer/ warmer weather training block concentrating more on technique and form.

The club is active for more than two days a week don’t worry!
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Lloyd Cowan, MBE

Former professional athlete and world renowned coach, it’s a privilege to have him train the sprints & hurdles squad.

Conrad Williams

400m Olympian and professional athlete. Conrad not only brings years of experience with him to training but also his great sense of humour!

Training Schedule

  • Monday, 7am - 8am: Strength & Conditioning

  • Tuesday, 7pm - 8:30pm: Sprints & Hurdles Track Training

  • Wednesday: Rest & Recovery Day

    Bootcamp Run optional

  • Thursday, 7pm - 8:30pm: Sprints & Hurdles Track Training

  • Friday, 6pm+: Circuits

  • Saturday, 8:45am - 10:30am: Park Run followed by short track session

  • Sunday: Rest Day

    Long Run optional

Competition Schedule

Our year is split between the indoor and outdoor season.

In our indoor season we take part in the London Universities and Colleges Athletics (LUCA) competition in Lee Valley and BUCS indoor athletics held at Sheffield EIS. These are held on 27th November and the 16th-18th February respectively.
Our outdoor season begins as early as March with the first of the Outdoors Luca Series. At each competition you gain points depending on your ranking which are carried on to the next. At the final meet of the league the points are totalled and the individuals totalling in the top three per event medal.

LUCA competitions, as suggested by the name, are held at different track venues in London. Competitors generally consist of students from other London universities and so is open to all levels of athlete. Anyone can enter LUCA competitions, there are no team selections made (aside from relay teams) and everyone is encouraged to sign up to as many events as possible and get involved in the Kings team spirit.
BUCS (British universities and colleges sport) competitions involve team selections based on performance as only two athletes can be entered per event. BUCS is a national university competition and so you’ll be competing with and may be amongst some of the top athletes in the country! As intimidating as that may sound to some the weekend is a lot of fun and watching the rest of the competition is very inspiring and is an incredible experience.

Also, we attended our first ever official varsity championship last year, alongside the Men’s and Women’s KCL rugby, and we’ll be back again this year to take the trophy from UCL! Again, selections for the team are made based on performance as only two athletes per event can be entered. However, if you don’t make the team the atmosphere in the stadium is so much fun and a strong team backing can make all the difference in performance for those crucial points!
These are our set dates for the year. However as the year goes by you will also have the opportunity to join some open competitions. The dates of these are not set yet, but this year people were able to take part in a competition about once a month.

Indoor Competitions

  • LUCA Indoor Champs (25th November 2017)
  • BUCS Indoors (16th-18th February 2017)

Outdoor Competitions

  • Varsity
  • LUCA Outdoors St Marys (18th March)
  • LUCA Outdoors Newham (9th April)
  • BUCS Outdoors (4-6th May)
  • LUCA Final Battersea (27th May)